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RABS FUND Pleased to Announce Toronto’s Danforth Restaurant Receives 1st Grant to Help Pay Staff

Private Sector Relief Fund Supporting Ontario Restaurants and Bars

The popular Danforth meeting place The Edmund Burke restaurant is receiving relief from The Ontario Restaurant & Bar Support Fund -- -- and the money will be going to keep their staff employed. This grant is the first provided by the Fund that will be helping a total of five restaurants across the Province this week.

Ginger and Russ Robertson, co-owners of the Toronto establishment, expressed appreciation for the Fund’s $5,000 grant, which will help to bring their staff back when the restaurant can re-open. Ginger Robertson explains that COVID has been devastating for the couple’s business and for their family.

View comments: Ginger Robertson of The Edmund Burke on the Danforth

“To try and sum up what COVID has done to hospitality, our community and our family would take several hours. It’s been devastating,” says Robertson. “We have been closed most of the time. The lockdown was only lifted briefly in the summer. We have had to lay off our staff, who are like family to us, three times. The playing field for hospitality has not been level and hasn’t been from the very beginning.”

In speaking of the toll the pandemic is taking on her family, Ginger Robertson says, “In losing everything, I do not know how we are ever going to recover. We were saving to buy a house. We have a six-year-old son who just wants a back yard and that’s gone; it will never happen. So, right now we are in survival mode. We are just trying to stay alive so we can bring our staff back so we can continue to be part of the community here on the Danforth.”

The restaurant owner is thankful for the Ontario Restaurant & Bar Support Fund. She says, “It is through the generosity of Funds like this that give us a little bit of breathing room and help us. It gives us hope that someday soon we will be open.” She adds, “We are going to use the funds to keep our staff employed. They are like family to us. We thank you very much.”

Tony Carvalho, Chair of the Fund was pleased to notify The Edmund Burke of their grant. “We are Ontarians helping fellow Ontarians and we are committed to supporting as many small businesses and entrepreneurs as we can through this difficult period of time,” says Carvalho.

“Our ability to assist these small businesses is completely dependent on Ontarians’ generosity,” and Carvalho adds, “In order to raise the much needed funds, we need corporations and individuals to play their part and to give.”

The Ontario Restaurant & Bar Support Fund

The Fund is a private sector, registered not-for-profit organization established to help support as many Ontario food and beverage establishments as possible to reopen and recover from the financial setbacks of the pandemic.

The Fund’s website has details for businesses wanting to become a corporate sponsor in support of the hospitality industry in Ontario. Visit

There is a GoFundMe page for patrons who wish to donate the cost of a night out (i.e. $25) in support of restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments:

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